Will Cannabis Replace Opioids in Multiple Sclerosis?

More than half of people with MS report chronic pain severe enough to affect daily functioning, employment, and quality of life. For some, it is their worst symptom. One in five turns to opioids for relief.

But opioids are a double-edged sword. Opioid users had more pain and fatigue than users. Depression and level of disability had no effect on the results of a recent survey.

The emerging use of cannabis may replace opioids. About half of people with MS use cannabis to treat neuropathic pain, sleep disturbances and, especially, spasticity. Clinical trials on cannabis are few because the FDA continues to list it as a schedule I drug, in the same category as heroin.

In Canada, Sativex, an oral-mucosal cannabis spray, has been approved for years for MS-related spasticity. It is a branded mixture of THC and CBD. A clinical trial in the US studying Sativex for MS-related spasticity is now recruiting and our center is a site.

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