Tech-Neck, a Disease of the Head-Down Generation

As smartphone use increases, daytime sleepiness increases while sleep quality and quality of life decrease. Unsurprisingly, migraine frequency and severity increase. The excessive daytime sleepiness also makes smartphone addicts more prone to auto accidents, even when they are not texting. These are the conclusions of a study published in Neurosciences, 2019.

A recent study from Brazil labeled university students with musculoskeletal pain “the head-down generation.” The anatomical position of the neck is zero degrees. Unnaturally, those who type on their phones hold their head at a 45-60 degree angle and are twice as likely to have severe neck pain. If you’re wondering how much is too much time to use a smartphone, there’s an app for that!

See Abstracts and Citations in Headache, October 2019.

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